AAA Development, Inc. offers full service general contracting as well as Design/ Build Services and Construction Management.


General Contracting

The first step for any structure to be built or remodeled is to break it down into the basics.  We apply the philosophy of organization, communication and execution of the strategy to ensure a well-coordinated effort.  We start with pre-construction planning and analyze the project from beginning to end in order to provide detailed cost breakdowns and realistic schedules.  This can be difficult when dealing with unforeseen circumstances, therefore one of our direct supervisors will handle all aspects of the project to ensure proper completion to the standards we have set for ourselves as well as the standards of our clients.

AAA Development, Inc. uses a trusted base of sub-contractors that have the same commitment that we do.  We choose to work with companies of integrity and this value shows in our work.  Our direct employees represent the company and carry the same values that the company expects of every person that sets foot on our jobsites.

Safety is priority # 1; our safety record exemplifies this as we have committed to safeguarding not only our clients, but anyone who is invited onto our jobsites including, employees, vendors and subcontractors.  We plan accordingly to ensure the safety of all that enter the project’s site.

Construction Mgmt.

Our core competence is to manage well and to manage well you need to understand the intricacies of the project.  Our strong relationships with multiple subcontractors gives us the confidence to stay on track.

We prefer to operate as a prime contractor but we have taken the role of managing for the prime contractor on many occasions.  Our pre-planning effort and coordination with the client, architect, vendors and government agencies allows us to pay attention to the details. This allows us to bring projects in on time, within budget and with minimal change order costs.  Our experience in government projects, municipality projects and commercial projects give us the ability to deliver truly successful projects.


Design / Build

The Design/Build process has several different possibilities. Whether you choose to use your own architect or would like to work with our design team, the goal is to establish a team that works together from the projects inception to its completion.

The success of this process  provides  higher quality,  timely progress, better control of budgets, and more cohesive project and communication between the client, architect, and contractor.

Establishing a strategic partnership with the architect and AAA Development, Inc. will allow for a streamlined and more economical construction process for our clients.  We have great relationships with many architectural firms in the area, which allows us to partner with the right firm for your particular style and budget.

Home and business owners should select a building contractor and designer/architect to assist them with new construction or their remodeling project from the conception. The contractor and designers work together from the onset, with the homeowners, to manage cost and guide the project based on a predetermined budget.

The benefit of the design/build process is a thoughtful and constructable structure that meets the client’s vision, budget and timeline without costly change orders and time overruns.