My wife and I hired AAA Development in early 2009 to put our house back together after it had been virtually destroyed by the prior contractor who I had fired.  (The prior contractor had been hired to make extensive structural changes and to add 205 square feet by pushing the two second story bedrooms out over the garage).  The house was designed by the noted architect, Jerrold Lomax and was recently designated as a historical landmark by the City of Calabasas.

The work done by AAA included: electrical work, drywall work, mud work, wood refinishing, installation of my appliances and reconfiguring cabinetry, design of a new bathroom (including framing, dry wall a new shower and fixtures), weatherproofing and installation of two wooden Ipe decks.  Most importantly, AAA was constantly discovering new problems caused by the prior contractor and finding creative ways to fix them and bring the house back from the dead.  Virtually all of the work done by AAA was done without detailed plans.

The two owners of AAA, Mike Hansen and Mike Seay, are smart, honest and fair (and have a good sense of humor).  AAA workmanship was at a high level and “the Mikes” were always willing to do additional work on any items that I thought were less than perfect.

Karen and I will probably be doing some additional work on the house in the next few years and AAA will be on the top of our list to do the work.

Karen and Henry Tashman, Whole House Remodel, Calabasas, CA